Bien que le risque de maladie et d’invalidité augmente nettement avec l’âge, le mauvais état de santé n’est pas une conséquence inévitable du vieillissement. Beaucoup de maladies, d’invalidités et de décès liés aux maladies chroniques peuvent être évités grâce à des mesures préventives connues. Parmi les mesures clés, on retrouve la pratique d’un mode de vie sain, par exemple, une […]
New research has found that Qi Gong, an ancient Chinese mind-body practice, has been found to reduce depression and improve the quality of life in women undergoing radiation for breast cancer. The study examined Qi Gong in patients receiving radiation therapy and included a follow-up period to assess its benefits over time, according to researchers. “We were […] particularly interested […]
Meditating with Qi Gong has been shown to lower symptoms of depression in women undergoing radiation therapy for breast cancer. Qi Gong, a Chinese meditation technique that combines fluid movements and breathing, has long been valued for its calming, balance-restoring effect on the body. Recently published in the journal Cancer, a study has found that practicing Qi Gong may reduce symptoms […]