ÉTUDE:  La pratique du Qi Gong soulage la fatigue, l’anxiété et les symptômes dépressifs, améliore la qualité du sommeil, et réduit le temps nécessaire à l’endormissement chez les personnes souffrant de « fatigue chronique » et de troubles du sommeil. Cette étude a été effectué sur 150 personnes souffrant de troubles du sommeil. On leur a fait pratiquer les Ba Duan Jin […]
Lo Siu-ching had suffered from severe insomnia for more than a decade. She tried endless sleep-inducing methods, taking melatonin supplements, drinking a cup of hot milk before bedtime, counting sheep. You name it, she tried it, but all to no avail. To get a respite from the exhaustion that comes with severe insomnia, she sometimes took sleeping pills. « Though I […]
New research has found that Qi Gong, an ancient Chinese mind-body practice, has been found to reduce depression and improve the quality of life in women undergoing radiation for breast cancer. The study examined Qi Gong in patients receiving radiation therapy and included a follow-up period to assess its benefits over time, according to researchers. “We were […] particularly interested […]